Job Profile for Master of Public Health

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree focuses on education and research for good health in local community. Unlike medicine, which focuses on diagnosing and treating illness and disease, MPH stress on preventing illness and disease through healthy practice. With MPH, you can you can build your career in health education, bio-statistics, environmental health, epidemiology and health service administration.

Following are the salary range for various job profiles available for MPH:

  • Epidemiologists: $61,000
  • Health educators: $44,000
  • Medical and health service managers: $80,000
  • Behavioral health scientists: $68,000
  • Bio-statistician: $75,000

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Universities offering Master’s Degree in Public Health

  1. McGill University (Epidemiology, Public Health)
  2. University of Victoria, British Columbia (Social Dimensions of Health)
  3. University of Toronto (Health Administration, Public Health Sciences)
  4. Simon Fraser University (Public Health)
  5. University of Alberta (General Public Health, Occupational Therapy)
  6. York Universities (Environmental Studies)
  7. University of Western Ontario (Occupational Therapy)
  8. University of British Columbia (Population and Public Health)

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