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8 Public Health Master’s Degree in Canada

Job Profile for Master of Public Health A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree focuses on education and research for good health in local community. Unlike medicine, which focuses on diagnosing and treating illness and disease, MPH stress on preventing… Continue Reading →

How Much does it Cost to Study in Canada?

Compared to other countries, cost of studying in Canada is very affordable. You would need to spend around $11,000 USD to $22,000 USD per year for tuition and living expenses. However this also depends on the institution and programs that… Continue Reading →

6 Great Reasons to Study in Canada

Donald Trump may be making more favorable alterations to his visa policy proposal, but students around the globe, and more specifically their parents, are still worried. Irrespective of whether students are from the list of banned nations, parents are apprehensive… Continue Reading →

Study in Canada: part-time opportunities and other tips

Canadians firmly believe that international education is a key driver of their economy. As a result,they spend more on education compared to the OECD average which is also the second highest among G-8 countries. They maintain high academic standards as… Continue Reading →

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