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Demystifying Trump Slump While Avoiding Media Hype

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4SharesDid you come across recent news headlines about Trump Slump effect, resulting in 40% drop in number of international applicants to the US? Here ares some of such headlines, led by the New York Times in the US and followed… Continue Reading →

How do you compare pursuing a PhD in Europe vs a PhD in USA?

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2SharesIt’s VERY different! If you are trying to decide between PhD in the US vs PhD in the UK, you should think more about fit. There are following 11 major differences in the two systems and choose the one that… Continue Reading →

85 Computer Science Master’s Degree in USA

Are you interested in pursuing Master’s Degree in Computer Science in the USA? Are you wondering about what job opportunities you will have after completing Computer Science Master’s Degree in the USA? This articles answers both of your questions! Computer… Continue Reading →

50 Electrical Engineering Master’s Degree in USA

Electrical engineering job profile Electrical engineering jobs involve designing, developing, testing, and supervising the manufacturing of electrical equipment, systems and components. This can include electric motors, radar and navigation systems, broadcast and communications systems, power generation equipment, or electrical systems… Continue Reading →

India to Gain with Donald Trump at the Oval

The media is still very divided on how Trump’s presidency affects Indians and the country, but many experts have weighed in and most agree that while there are setbacks, India does stand to gain with Trump at the Oval. Presently,… Continue Reading →

How will Donald Trump’s new visa policy affect Indian students?

The new policies by the US president bring good and bad news for Indian students. The bad news revolves around the plans to curtail the OPT (optional practical training) extension period. At present, OPT allows graduate students in the fields… Continue Reading →

How does a Phd in India compare to PhD in the US?

PhD in United States of America or USA : it is a dream come true for a person if he/she gets a PhD admission in US. Reason being following 1.Funding for the research and better research facilities would be available… Continue Reading →

Masters in the USA: Most common questions answered

What is the cost of pursuing a MS in Computer Science in the US? With the weakening rupee it is difficult to estimate what will it be like to do MS in 2015, still I will give it a shot…. Continue Reading →

Life on a US university campus

You have seen it in movies. You have seen it on TV shows. What? Life on a US university campus. You have also met students who have returned from a US university and they talk excitedly about their wonderful and… Continue Reading →

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