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Why MBA? Why MBA abroad?
Business school program structure and timeline in different countries
Steps for MBA Admission

Chatur vs Rancho?

Quick question: Would you rather be Chatur or Rancho? I’m sure most of you have seen the movie 3 idiots, this movie shows us that just being the topper is not all it takes to be successful in this world…. Continue Reading →

be a sponge

… and absorb as much as you can. Business school is a time for self-discovery and is the perfect laboratory to get your dreams off the ground. Each MBA program offers something special and its upto you to take advantage… Continue Reading →

Why MBA – part II

MBA does “3″ great things to you. (1) Skills & Opportunities: MBA gives you the tools to develop a perspective on almost everything around. To be able to think about a topic, generalize it and be able to speak and… Continue Reading →

Why MBA?

MBA, probably, is the most expensive gift that you can give to yourself. It requires significant commitment of time, effort and money. So ask yourself “Why MBA”, before you start applying. You must have very clear idea about why you… Continue Reading →

Make the most of an MBA Fair

The Internet has opened up a world of options so it is now possible to research MBA programmes without leaving your home! However, given the time you will be investing and the money the MBA experience demands, there is no… Continue Reading →

USA MBA vs Europe MBA

USA and European MBA are quite different and most important of those are the duration of the program. European MBA is typically of 1-year duration whereas USA MBA is typically of 2-years. So which MBA is better for you? A… Continue Reading →

What is it like for an Indian student to study in a US/European University?

Before I answer this question, I would like you to know that I am not from one of the premier institutes in India . What I say henceforth is largely from a view point of an average Indian pursuing his/her… Continue Reading →

Culturally adapting to new country

“Culture Shock” is the biggest challenge that a student encounters when you travel to a new country. You have left all that you know behind. Your family, your friends, your home, and everything that you are familiar with And you… Continue Reading →

4 tips to get acceptance at the college of your choice

Following tips are for students who are searching for some advice on how to get that college admissions committee to accept your application? 1. Planning the college application A student must begin working on his or her college application about… Continue Reading →

Dear Dad, this matters most to me …

So, you are bright and ambitious. You are also convinced that a degree from a top foreign university is your ticket to success. But your dad (and mummy) don’t see it that way. Not that they are conservative. Or, may… Continue Reading →

Will a school say YES to me?

Does this question bother you? Here are some tips to help you out: Before the application process: Academics First pay attention to your academics if you want to be considered at top foreign schools. Then compensate your not-so-great grades with good… Continue Reading →

Desi Boys – Strangers in Foreign Land

Even after getting an admit from a top foreign university, your international education dream may come crashing down. An estimated 40% of Indian students in foreign universities remain isolated from other students and struggle to effectively handle financial, cultural, social and… Continue Reading →

Why study overseas? career, networking and other reasons

Will I be able to secure a good job? How much will I be able to earn after securing a foreign degree? How soon will I be debt free? A foreign degree is expensive! You dad (or mom) funds your… Continue Reading →

Top rumors about admissions that you should disregard

Are you gearing up for college admissions? You would more than agree that it is a very stressful and tedious process. And with free advice bombarding you from everywhere, it hasn’t made your life any easier. Spend ten minutes reading… Continue Reading →

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