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An International Student’s Guide to Getting Internships in the US

Like most international students, I am assuming you are also interested in getting internships while studying for your degree programs in the US and other countries. While internships can be a good way to earn some money to fund your… Continue Reading →

Financing made easy: student card, bank fee and other tips

A study abroad experience is not exactly pocket friendly. Living in a major city in a foreign country, the terrible exchange rates and the pressure to save money add to your financial woes. But with a little awareness you can… Continue Reading →

Education Loan made easy: eligibility, process and other tips

Types of Educational Loans There are too many questions and too many answers to this question. The simplest way is to deal with one question at a time. You need to decide which course you want to enroll for and… Continue Reading →

Financing made easy: scholarship, part-time and other tips

Now that you have decided that Graduate School is the right next step, here comes the hard part or infact the most important part of the entire study abroad process – the part how to fund for your Grad School…. Continue Reading →

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