Our premium one-to-one overseas admission counseling is guaranteed to get you admitted to the best school for you -- in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, UK, New Zealand, or just about anywhere else where you may be qualified.
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"My experience at Admission Table was an intense roller-coaster ride exploring the bounds of my own clarity in my career goals and value proposition, what I sought from the programs I was applying to and why I chose specific universities. Admission Table experts continually refined my shortlist catering to my needs, pushed my thinking on how I presented myself in entirety to the Admissions Committee, and how I could get support of different stakeholders such as students and professors in those universities where I was applying. Application to universities is a commitment at the same time candidate is expected to reflect on themselves which was effective while working alongside a counsellor. I have gained an admit to Carnegie Mellon University and I would like to thank the Admission Table team for their efforts in guiding my journey. I would strongly recommend Admission Table to anyone serious about their careers and education abroad." - Ankit Shah, Carnegie Mellon University (MS in CS)

What You'll Get

#1 University Shortlisting
  1. Recommend best-matching universities
  2. Find Scholarships, part-time and career prospects
  3. Ensure at least one guaranteed admit
#2 Essays Editing
  1. Craft essays that make you stand out
  2. Highlight your unique strengths in a cohesive way
  3. Make the Admission committee remember you
#3 Visa & Pre-departure
  1. Help you with documentation and filling out application
  2. Conduct mock visa interviews & co-ordinate appointment
  3. Assist with travel, insurance, forex and orientation
"Admission Table was so much more efficient than all those expensive counseling services my friends used. They helped me at every step, and they made the university shortlisting, essays, scholarships and visa so much less painful. I owe them my admit!" - Supreeth Akki, Munich Business School (MBA)

Counselors Who Care

Manish Katyan
IIT Kanpur, IIM Calcutta
Dr Duleep Deosthale
Phd UCLA, Dean for 20 years
Deepak Iyer
IIM Ahmedabad, McKinsey
“Selecting the right university is most critical for your school experience and your career ahead. Thanks to the step by step directions from Admission Table, I was able to get admitted to my dream university.” - Paahuni Khandelwal, University of Texas, Dallas (MS - CS)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our counseling process comprises:

1. On-boarding - Estimated time: 1-2 days. You will fill up a registration form with details about your academic, extra-curricular activities, projects and career goals.

2. Profile analysis - Estimated time: 3-5 days. We will have a detailed discussion with you to better understand your profile.

3. Recommend universities - Estimated time: 1-2 weeks. We will recommend 8 to 15 universities that match your profile, budget and career goals.

4. Finalize universities - Estimated time: 1-2 weeks. You will finalize on 5-8 universities that you want to apply to.

5.1. Start the application process - Estimated time: 2-6 weeks. With our guidance, you will begin filling out the application forms to your finalized universities.

5.2. Start essays / SOPs - Estimated time: 2-6 weeks. We will work closely with you to help improve and finalize your essays in as many feedback sessions as necessary.

5.3. Document checklist - Estimated time: 2-6 weeks. We will guide you by ensuring you get all the necessary documents in order, including transcripts, LORs and financial documents.

6. Submit applications - Estimated time: 2-4 weeks. With our assistance, you will start submitting your applications.

7. Visa - Estimated time: 2-4 weeks. We will help you with visa documentation, application and mock interviews.

How many students have you counseled?

Through our blogs and Facebook pages, over 25,000 students have registered with us to seek our help in their education overseas journey. Many of these students have been admitted to good universities. You can have a look at their details here.

How can I reach out to the counselors?

A: You can chat with us right now and we will respond as soon as we can. We are also available on WhatsApp, Phone and Skype, as per your convenience.
You can also schedule a visit to our offices in the following cities:
1) Bangalore: First Floor, Sri Srinivasa Mansion, # 364/1,10th ‘B’ Main Road, Jayanagar, 3rd Block, Bangalore 11.
2) Chennai: 2nd Floor, Phase 2, No 356, Llyods Road, Gopalapuram, Next to DAV Boys Higher Secondary School, Chennai 86.
3) Hyderabad: #306 -D, 3rd Floor, Meridian Plaza, (Bedside Lal Bungalow), Green Lands, Ameerpet, Hyderabad 16.

How is your counseling different from other agencies?

You are at the center of our counseling process. You can apply to as many universities as you want. Helping you build your profile and providing you with the highest quality of career counseling is an integral part of what we do. You can reach out to us whenever you feel like and we will try to be there for you 24-7. With degrees from IIT, IIM and UCLA, our counseling team is well equipped to guide you on this journey and ensure you get into a great university.

What assurance do you give?

We are committed to helping you reach your best university. We also offer you a seven-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our counseling.

“Whether I asked Admission Table questions while I was chatting with my friends or writing my application essays at midnight, I received personalized answers right away over my mobile phone!” - Manish Kumar Lombada, Northeastern University (MS)

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Rs 30,000 Only Rs 23,000
Money-back Guarantee