Saint Leo offers graduate degree and post-baccalaureate certificate programs in Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Critical Incident Management, Education, Social Work, Theology, and more.

LionsLINK is a tool for Saint Leo students and alumni to find jobs and internships. LionsLINK only shows jobs and internships listed by employers who are interested in Saint Leo University students. Rather than competing against hundreds of thousands of applicants on mega-job search sites, LionsLINK allows only Saint Leo students and alumni to view and apply for jobs – and student resumes are sent directly to the recruiter.

Saint Leo alumni have accepted positions with major organizations including Delta Airlines, Defense Intelligence Agency, Ernst & Young, Hyatt Regency, KPMG, Ritz-Carlton, Walt Disney World, and United States Special Operations Command.
Students electing to pursue graduate and professional degrees have been accepted to schools including American University, College of William & Mary, Drexel University, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida State University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Hofstra University, Howard University, King’s College London, Louisiana State University, National University of Ireland, Newcastle University (England), Pepperdine University, Southern Methodist University, University of Connecticut, University of Florida, University of South Florida, and Wake Forest University.