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What is Admission Table?

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We are the most trusted study overseas counselors. US News and World Report has featured our app as the must-have app for studying overseas. We help students in securing admits from top universities in the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden,… Continue Reading →

Get Started: MS in the US

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Starting from preparing for MS in the US to shortlisting and applying to universities to scholarships and career prospects to preparing for GRE and IELTS – everything that you need for your MS in the US! Have questions about MS… Continue Reading →

22 Factors to Consider While Selecting Your University

Today, higher education is more important than it has ever been. Given the increasing competitiveness in every field, securing a good job can be quite difficult. The demand for quality candidates, makes higher education essential. This, in turn, has resulted… Continue Reading →

12 Smart Tips to Win Scholarships for MS in the US

Studying in the US is expensive! No wonder, every student who wants to study in the US wants scholarships. Here are 12 smart tips that will help you in winning scholarships for your MS program in the US. #1 Applying for… Continue Reading →

42 Lessons and 13 Tests to Score 8+ in IELTS

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Here are a collection of free online course, lessons and practice tests to help you score 8+ in IELTS. Most of the following content refer to 3rd-part website and will open in a new window. #1 Free IELTS Online Course… Continue Reading →

An International Student’s Guide to Getting Internships in the US

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Like most international students, I am assuming you are also interested in getting internships while studying for your degree programs in the US and other countries. While internships can be a good way to earn some money to fund your… Continue Reading →

12 Points to Consider If You Want to Pursue an MBA in Germany

Germany has ranked high on the list of sought after destinations for higher education in terms of technical and scientific programs. Their decision to study in Germany is justified for a number of reasons. Not only is Germany well known… Continue Reading →

11 Reasons to Study in Sweden

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Sweden is a beautiful country in its own right, but that’s certainly not the main reason students are flocking to the country for their higher education. Over the years, universities in the country have steadily been building their reputation as… Continue Reading →

23 ways to build a profile to get an MBA from top US business schools

For a successful MBA application to a top business school, it’s important for you to have something unique in your profile. At the same time, be mindful of pursuing activities for the sake of filling up your essay. If you… Continue Reading →

GRE Test Pattern and Preparation

As a graduate student applying to a university abroad, the application procedure can bring a lot of stress. For students who need to submit their GRE scores to prospective universities, the test is perhaps one of the biggest causes of… Continue Reading →

GRE Fees, Registration, Dates and Test Centers in India 2017

What is GRE? The Graduate Record Examination, commonly referred to as GRE, is a required standardized test for students interested in gaining admission to Masters’ degree programs such as MS, MSc, MBA, etc. at foreign universities, especially universities in the… Continue Reading →

Demystifying Trump Slump While Avoiding Media Hype

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Did you come across recent news headlines about Trump Slump effect, resulting in 40% drop in number of international applicants to the US? Here ares some of such headlines, led by the New York Times in the US and followed… Continue Reading →

How do you compare pursuing a PhD in Europe vs a PhD in USA?

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It’s VERY different! If you are trying to decide between PhD in the US vs PhD in the UK, you should think more about fit. There are following 11 major differences in the two systems and choose the one that… Continue Reading →

52 Computer Science and Engineering Master’s Degree in Germany in English 2017

MS in Computer Science in Germany vs USA Following are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of pursuing Masters in Computer Science in Germany as compared to the one in the US: Advantages Zero tuition fee: state funded universities… Continue Reading →

Want better salaries after MS? Get prior work experience!

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If I work for a company for 2-3 years in India before heading for an MS in a reputed university, will I be recruited with a higher salary than fresh grad recruits who joined grad school without work experience? At… Continue Reading →

30 Mechanical, Chemical and Energy Engineering Master’s Degree in Germany in English

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Are you interested in pursuing Master’s Degree in Mechanical or Process Engineering in Germany? Do you want to find about German universities offering these programs in English? This articles answers both of your questions! Mechanical, Chemical and Energy Engineering Master’s… Continue Reading →

What is employability situation at Catalonia universities?

According to the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency 2016 survey “The employment outcomes of master’s degree holders from universities in Catalonia”:

8 Public Health Master’s Degree in Canada

Job Profile for Master of Public Health A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree focuses on education and research for good health in local community. Unlike medicine, which focuses on diagnosing and treating illness and disease, MPH stress on preventing… Continue Reading →

How Much does it Cost to Study in Canada?

Compared to other countries, cost of studying in Canada is very affordable. You would need to spend around $11,000 USD to $22,000 USD per year for tuition and living expenses. However this also depends on the institution and programs that… Continue Reading →

The 4 Essential Steps Every International Student Should Take For a Great Career

Every student planning to study abroad is driven by the desire to ensure they have the best possible career by opting to study elsewhere. This is no easy feat, considering that local students usually have a better chance of securing… Continue Reading →

85 Computer Science Master’s Degree in USA

Are you interested in pursuing Master’s Degree in Computer Science in the USA? Are you wondering about what job opportunities you will have after completing Computer Science Master’s Degree in the USA? This articles answers both of your questions! Computer… Continue Reading →

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