Indiana State University or ISU, which has a campus that spans over 435 acres, has an impressive number of international students from over 50 countries. The university encourages all its students to actively participate in all sorts of activities and to be a part of various communities. This ensures that students are always occupied and never get bored.

The Famous Fountain and Popular Traditions

While there are several traditions at ISU, the one embraced by almost every student who joins this university is playing in the fountain at Dede Plaza. In addition to being a popular hangout for students, events are also organized at the fountain. Another popular tradition is the torchlight parade. This lively homecoming tradition brings together all the current students, who are led by the university’s marching band and cheering team, to march together from the fountain to other parts of the campus.


Indiana State University has an active intramural program and a variety of sports clubs for its students. These clubs cater to the various needs of students, whether it be purely recreational, instructional or competitive. Popular sports such as baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer, tennis, golf and volleyball continue to be popular here. For those looking to learn self defense, the university has clubs for wrestling and martial arts. Fishing and bowling are also popular activities with their own clubs. Fans of Harry Potter and Hogwarts can rejoice as Indiana State University also has a Quidditch club. A popular physical activity for students at ISU is climbing the rock wall in the arena.


Founded in 1865, it comes as no surprise that the university is surrounded by so much history. For a good look into the state’s rich history, one can visit the Indiana State Museum. History buffs can also visit the Angel Mounds State Historic Site, Corydon Capitol State Historic Site, Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site, Lanier Mansion State Historic Site and the Limberlost State Historic Site among others. Lovers of art need look no further than the Terre Haute Arts Corridor, which houses the Swope Art Museum and two art galleries. ISU is also home to the Truman Art Gallery. While the university has its own theatre program, Terre Haute also has a community theatre, where people can volunteer, the Crossroads Repertory Theatre, Hatfield Hall and the historic Indiana Theatre. Music is important to this region, and Terre Haute is home to the Indiana’s oldest professional orchestra, namely the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra. The Crossroads Festival draws over 1500 fans of jazz music to the city.


Indiana State University encourages its students to engage with the community and contribute any way they can. Students at the university can volunteer at pre-schools, animal shelters, hospitals, public schools, after-school programs and museums. Many students opt to help take care of senior citizens, people with disabilities and the homeless.

Where to live

There are five residential areas for students at ISU – Burford Complex, Downtown Living, Lincoln Complex, Sandison Complex and Sycamore Complex. The university offers students the opportunity to live in academic communities as well. Academic learning communities group together students who take at least one academic course together, while academic cluster communities group students together based on majors or colleges.

For the Foodies

There are plenty of dining options for students at ISU. In addition to dining halls with pre-planned menus such as the Lincoln Dining Hall and the Sycamore Dining Hall, students can also dine at the Generations Restaurant, which uses locally sourced ingredients and has a buffet for lunch. The Commons, which is located at the Hulman Memorial Student Union, has over 10 restaurants and provides students with quite an array of dining options, some of which include Taco Bell, SubConnection and Einstein Bros. Scattered around the campus are more options like Cup and Chaucer, Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery, the Stalker Hall Daily Grind and the Student Recreation Center Juice Bar.

Touristy Attractions

While life as a student at Indiana State University promises to be a busy one with plenty of activities, be sure to get your fill of the local attractions of Terre Haute as well. Some of these include the Terre Haute Masonic Temple, Veteran’s Memorial Museum of Terre Haute, Vigo County Public Library, Inland Aquatics, Deming Park and Candles Holocaust Museum. Fastly growing in popularity on the list of things to do while visiting Terre Haute is visiting Stiffy Green the Bulldog, believed to be a mummified bulldog, who refused to leave his owner’s side upon the latter’s death.