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With new social and teaching spaces, UTS is committed to fostering relationships and engagement between students and our teaching staff. There are a number of new spaces that encourage students to become a part of the UTS campus with 24 hour social study spaces with the latest technology equipment. Large screen LCD monitors and computers along with flexible seating encourage students to own the campus as an extension of their own space and facilitate collaborative learning amongst peers. Additionally, creature comforts such as microwaves, shower rooms, vending machines, outdoor study spaces connected to power and the internet and other facilities encourage students to spend time on campus for academic and social purposes.

Support programs
• Conversations@UTS
This program helps students refine and build on their English conversation skills. Students will feel more confident speaking in social and professional situations. It is also a great way for students to meet new people, make new friends and learn to network in a friendly environment.
The Higher Education Language and Presentation Support (HELPS), is dedicated to providing English language and academic literacy support to UTS undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students. Offering daily workshops, free advice and an environment to practice English language skills ranging from speaking, writing and reading, HELPS aims to build academic skills that will be used every day at UTS.
• UTS Network Café
The UTS Network Café program brings together new international students with experienced UTS students, giving new students the opportunity to expand their social networks, practice new languages, and become familiar with the local culture.
The U:PASS program is designed to assist students who are studying subjects that are perceived as difficult or historically have a high failure rate. U:PASS leaders are trained senior students who have previously completed the subjects and assist students in need of help through study sessions.
• Community Connections
Community Connections is an initiative that encourages local and international students to engage with the community of UTS and Sydney. Join in low-cost, social events and connect with other students on day trips around and outside Sydney, cinema nights, cultural events and more. Past events have included participation in clean up Australia Day at Bondi Beach as well as planting trees at Wanda Reserve, Wanda Beach during National Tree Day.

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