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Lawrence University is an internationally renowned college of liberal arts and sciences and a conservatory of music devoted exclusively to undergraduate education. With more than 13% of the students and a similar percentage of faculty coming from more than 50 countries and nations outside the United States, Lawrence is one of the most internationally diverse colleges in the country.

Lawrence University is a deliberately small, residential college of liberal arts and sciences devoted exclusively to undergraduate education. Students learn best when they’re educated as unique individuals. Many colleges talk about individualizing education, but few do it like Lawrence. By the time they graduate, 90% of Lawrence students will have had at least one class with the optimal (and rare) student-to-faculty ratio of 1-to-1. That’s one student working under the direct guidance of one professor. The end result? Generations of Lawrentians who are independent thinkers, creators, discoverers, problem-solvers, artists, researchers, writers, learners, citizens, and leaders—all eminently prepared for a world that needs them.

Appleton appears regularly on lists of U.S. cities that are the safest and have the highest quality of life. Its blend of the cosmopolitan with the natural makes Appleton a true gem. Appleton is part of one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the Midwest. The area’s size, cultural complexity, and breadth of businesses provide ample opportunities for internships, research projects, civic engagement, and community service.

Appleton’s College Avenue has a dizzying array of restaurants (from five-star dining to late-night pizza), a bunch of great coffee shops, and dozens of stores. All of it is right outside the door at Lawrence. And more shopping is nearby at the Fox River Mall, just 5 miles from campus. The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is a half mile from campus, bringing the entertainment world to Appleton.

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