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Rocky Mountain College (RMC) is founded on the unique practice of joining the liberal arts tradition along with practical training for professional development. From its inception, RMC functions on a mission of educating students through liberal arts and professional programs that cultivate critical thinking, creative expression, ethical decision-making, informed citizenship, and professional excellence. The College supports its mission through core themes of academic excellence, transformational learning, and shared responsibility and stewardship.

Students are taught across different disciplines, allowing them to speak, write, listen, communicate, take responsibility, solve, and lead. Our College is as much about character formation as it is about intellectual formation. Students will grow in wisdom, maturity, and character. Students will look back on this education and remember it as an invaluable investment.

Billings, Montana, is large enough to offer plentiful entertainment, cultural, and employment options and small enough to maintain the safe, friendly, small-town feel that is its trademark. The climate that is mild year-round. Billings providing students opportunities for fine dining, shopping, music performances, and art exhibits.

There’s never a short of outdoor recreation activities, such as whitewater kayaking, hiking and mountain climbing, ski trips, and camping. Yellowstone National Park provides a natural laboratory for environmentalists; the Rocky Mountains is heaven on earth for geologists; and the Billings airport is ideally situated for aviation majors. Billings features a beautiful landscape of national parks and ski resorts. The College offers opportunities to go skiing, rafting, backpacking, kayaking, and rock climbing—often for class credit.

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