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Almost all of Saint Michael’s students live on campus, located just minutes from downtown Burlington a great university town and cultural center. Burlington has been declared the healthiest city in the United States for two consecutive years by the US government. We are also close to some of the best outdoor activities on the east coast of the United States, including skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, and sailing. We are a two hour drive to Montreal, three hours to Boston, and a short flight to New York City.
Students not only attain a deep understanding of their major field of study that prepares them for their first career, but also a broad knowledge of the world’s critical fields. The skills imparted are those demanded by the world’s employers and include critical thinking, writing, communication, problem solving, analysis and synthesis of knowledge from across subjects. This approach to academics is often referred to as ‘Liberal Arts and Sciences.’
Students participate in a variety of activities, including sports, the arts, student leadership, social justice, as well as a huge variety of clubs and associations. We’re a residential college, which means that almost all of our students live on-campus and dine in a residence hall.

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