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One of 14 state universities in Ohio, the University of Toledo is a student-centered, public, metropolitan research university known for its picturesque campuses and unparalleled natural beauty. UT was established in 1872 and became a member of the state university system in 1967. The University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio merged July 2006 to form the third-largest public university operating budget in the state.

The University of Toledo is located in Toledo, Ohio, a thriving city that offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities for its residents. Toledo has numerous restaurants, in-door and out-door malls, movie theaters, and sports arenas. The area is known for its extraordinary mixture of opportunity, culture, affordability, accessibility, and beauty. In addition to local attractions, Toledo is a short drive from Ann Arbor, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. There is something for everyone, in Toledo!

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