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University of St. Francis (USF) is a small liberal arts school located in a beautiful historic suburban neighborhood about 35 miles southwest of Chicago. As a Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts, USF is marked by a welcoming community of learners challenged by Franciscan values and charism, engaged in a continuous pursuit of knowledge, faith, wisdom, and justice, and ever mindful of a tradition that emphasizes reverence for creation, compassion and peacemaking. USF prides itself on academic excellence in all programs, preparing men and women to contribute to the world through service and leadership.

Studying in another country offers many advantages to students, including a more global perspective and a chance to make international contacts. The small size of the University of St. Francis allows international students to be fully immersed in university culture and receive a personal attention to their academic studies that is not always possible at larger universities.

The Main Campus of the University of St. Francis is amidst some of the city’s most elegant and historic homes, within walking distance of the Cathedral of St. Raymond. Downtown Joliet and its Metro station are just minutes away, along with the university’s City Center Campus, which houses the Arts and Design Department at the historic Rialto Square Theatre building.

Joliet is the site of a modern day renaissance. Once an industrial city, the community has reinvented itself as a tourist destination with a robust and diversified economy. Joliet is the county seat of Will County, Illinois, situated southwest of Chicago on the leading edge of the metropolitan area. Joliet is 35 miles southwest from Chicago, less than an hour by car or commuter rail.

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