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Academic scholarships, athletic scholarships or campus jobs are available to international students to help supplement tuition costs. Radford University is committed to helping each student find the best way to finance his or her education. More than 60 percent of Radford University students receive some form of grant, loan, employment assistance, or other type of financial aid.

New Freshman Scholarships:
1. Presidential Scholarships
 – This prestigious scholarship competition is for students who have excelled during their high school career. All students who wish to be considered for Presidential scholarships should have their completed applications submitted to the admissions office by Jan 15.
2. Academic Excellence Scholarships
 – the office of admissions will review all new freshman applications to determine if they are eligible for an Academic Excellence Scholarship. Students who demonstrate continued academic excellence will be invited to apply for these awards. To be considered, students must complete their admissions application by Jan 15.
3. Dean’s Scholarship
 – This scholarship is designated for out-of-state students. Out-of-state applicants who demonstrate academic success are invited to apply for this scholarship program. To be considered, students’ admissions application must be completed by Jan 15.

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