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The University of Liverpool offers a little bit of everything for its students. Good campus facilities ensure that most of the needs of students are taken care of, while the university provides an environment that is conducive to research and learning.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Liverpool may not be the largest city, but the friendly people in the city along with its rich culture, which comprises museums, theatres and galleries make it a truly beautiful city for students as well as non-students to live in. Being a smaller city, people living here often collaborate on various projects, and this attitude is adopted by the students studying at the university as well.


For the Love of Art

Art is truly appreciated here and there are a number of galleries and museums that showcase this. In addition to several music festivals held within the city, festivals celebrating freedom of expression and being are also strong themes. Liverpool has many theatres, but the most popular are the Liverpool Playhouse, which stages premieres by local as well as international writers, and the Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

Entertainment Galore

Lovers of the big screen have plenty of options as well, and outdoor cinemas are growing in popularity. Those students who prefer clubbing scenes would be happy to know that Liverpool was voted as Britain’s top destination for nightlife on TripAdvisor. For the fashion conscious, Liverpool offers several shops with an array of trends to choose from. While all these features already make the city a lively place to live in, the people of the city truly come alive at the mention of football, which is in their DNA. The two popular football clubs, Liverpool F.C. and Everton F.C., call Liverpool home.

Liverpool’s Charm

Liverpool’s residents are not only exposed to the fast-paced bustle of a large city but can also retreat to the quiet, and vastly beautiful pockets in and around the city whenever they like. There are plenty of interesting food options for students in and out of campus. The city centre is a short walk from the campus and the Bohemian looking restaurants serve up hearty meals. According to people studying and working at the university, they feel like one big family. In addition to being a great place to study, the opportunities in the university and the city are growing.

Cost of Living

In terms of cost of living, Liverpool is the second most cost-effective city in the UK. Monthly student living expenditure could range anywhere between £410 – £1,092.

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