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Internships: Learn by doing!

At Holy Names University students have a variety of options for Internships by working with their academic advisors (undergraduate) and program directors (graduate) for non-credit and credit earning opportunities.

An internship is a practical experience related to your field of study or career objective. It provides an opportunity to expand your learning outside the classroom, try out career fields, build your resume and launch your career. As one student said: “I’ve grown a lot here. I learned to be a leader.”

Options for earning credit

Academic credit cannot be earned for internship hours alone. Credit is earned by using the internship to deepen academic learning and make connections between academic study and work. This may be accomplished by registering for an internship course through your department.

Academic major-related

If your internship work is closely related to your academic major, and your department offers credit for internships through a course or an independent study, you can obtain major credit for your internship and the academic work associated with it. Contact your academic advisor for requirements and registration process. The course must be taken during the same semester as the internship experience.

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