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The faculty of Holy Names University, highly prepared professionally with appropriate degrees and credentials, do far more than give lectures, advise students, correct papers, attend professional meetings, do research, and write scholarly papers for publication. They are also uniquely responsible for setting the academic atmosphere of learning and scholarship shared with one another and with their students. A distinctive hallmark of the University is the personal interest in the well-being of each student by the professors. HNU faculty stimulate their students to move in directions that students may not have considered. Faculty take time, through academic mentoring and through informal and formal meetings before and after class hours, to assist students in their orientation to college life or graduate school. As students adjust to the rigors and challenges within each of their subjects, the roles of their teachers include mentor, scholar, and researcher—roles that faculty members joyfully share with their students. Students interact with their instructors in career planning, athletic events, drama productions, music performances, art shows, computer laboratories, science laboratories, as well as in lectures, seminars, tutorials, independent studies, research, field work, and internships.

Examples of faculty work:

Link to HNU faculty/alum publications :

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