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By gaining practical experience, Lawrence students are prepared to be competitive in the job market after graduation. Lawrence encourages students to enhance their classroom education through internships and also offers the option for students to complete honors projects, in which students independently study problems or questions related to their major in depth. With such extracurricular experiences to add to their resumes, Lawrence University’s alumni have found success in nearly every field.

Lawrence students have had internships at:

-Mayo Clinic in Rochester
-Washington University
-The SPUR program at the Medical College of Wisconsin
-The University of Chicago
-The Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island
-The Boldt Company
-Penguin Publishing
-MicroInsurance Centre LLC.
-Smithsonian National Zoological Park
-Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
-Wall Street Internship Program
-U.S. Department of State
-U.S. Department of Commerce
-National Museum of Natural History
-Argonne National Laboratory-Research Program
-The Field Museum
-Goldman Sachs
-Lehman Brothers
-Piper Jaffray
-Credit Suisse

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