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Nationally ranked by US News & World Report, CIPA’s interdisciplinary MPA program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers within the field of public affairs, and to help students already working in the field to develop specific expertise and credentials that will advance their careers. During the two-year program, students will undertake substantive practical work in the field, honing professional abilities and gaining valuable experience. With this combination of course work and experience, students leave CIPA well prepared for the next phase of their careers.

CIPA offers 8 different concentration options: 1) Economic and Financial Policy; 2) Environmental Policy; 3) Government, Politics and Policy Studies; 4) Human Rights and Social Justice; 5) International Development Studies; 6) Public and Nonprofit Management; 7) Science, Technology, and Infrastructure Study; 8) Social Policy (which includes education, healthcare, etc.).

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