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An MBA can open many opportunities. The College of Business at West Texas A&M University has one of the top MBA programs available today. Students enjoy the flexibility of courses offered on campus, in Amarillo, Texas (primarily at night), and online. Students can take every course required for graduation in each of those environments, or in combination with each other. Students in the MBA program have the option to concentrate in management, marketing, health care administration, computer information systems. The MBA program at West Texas A&M University has received national recognition by a variety of groups including the US. News & World Report. The 31-49 credit hour MBA program is designed for completion within a two-year period, although the program can be completed in as soon as one year for some students. Learning objectives for the MBA program include developing professional communication in writing and speaking, leadership skills, informed business ethics, proficiency in the global business environment, and competency in business planning, and decision-making.

The College of Business at West Texas A&M University offers a Master of Science in Finance and Economics (MSFE). A program like this is offered at few other schools in the United States.

The program’s orientation toward application as opposed to theory enhances opportunities for graduates in a broad range of occupations and institutions. Courses include the theory of households and firms, monetary and fiscal policy, corporate governance, corporate finance, asset valuation, international finance, and quantitative analysis. The MSFE program is designed for students who want to improve their understanding of economics and finance, particularly those interested in or already working in:

-Finance institutions and finance departments in business and government
-Policy-oriented and community service occupations in the private and public sectors
-Economic and financial consulting and advising
-Teaching at the high school, community college, or instructor level
-Preparation for law school or doctorate programs in economics, finance, management, or marketing.

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