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Here are the top reasons to consider Cornell University:
1. US News & World Report ranked Cornell University as one of the top 25 global universities
2. Cornell is widely known for being a diverse university; at CIPA, about 60% of the student body population is made up of international students, representing as many as 35 different countries at any given time. This eclectic mix of cultures and perspectives serves as a rich environment for collaborative learning.
3. A key component of the CIPA MPA program is its focus on real-world experience (or “experiential opportunities”). Many courses include a practical component, challenging students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world clients and situations. Students may participate in the Capstone Program and complete a rigorous, semester-long consulting project for either a domestic or international client. Students regularly complete challenging internships around the globe, working for with a wide variety of nonprofit and government agencies. Because many of the most challenging and rewarding internships in the field are unpaid, CIPA offers a competitive grant program to assist with expenses. In addition, CIPA offers off-campus program options that include both coursework and internship opportunities. Locations include Washington DC, India, Nepal, and Rome.

Why else should you choose Cornell?
1. Experience world-class learning.
2. Experience hands-on study.
3. Experience vibrant community.
4. Experience career success.
5. Curriculum + Hands-on Experience = The CIPA Difference

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