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Top 3 reasons to consider Full Sail University are,

1. Rolling Stone Magazine named Full Sail University 1 of 5 “Best Music Programs” in the country in 2005. It was named “the Harvard of Game Schools” by Tips & Tricks Magazine in 2007 and received the Apple’s Innovators in Education Award in 2010. It was also named “School/College of the Year” by the FAPSC in 2011.

2.Full Sail University as a one-of-a-kind school, dedicated to students who have a passion for careers in the entertainment world. They offer focused courses for students pursuing majors like music and sound, film, design, games animation, and show production.

3.Recent Full Sail University graduates have gained employment at some of the following companies: Rockstar Games, Animal Planet, Pixar, Universal Studios, HBO Studios, Dreamworks, Electronic Arts (EA Sports), ESPN, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Industrial Light & Magic, Disney, Nintendo, CNN, and Nickelodeon. Recent graduates have also worked on projects like Lost, The Dark Knight, Red Dead Redemption, Cirque du Soleil, various Disney and ESPN projects. Additionally, they have worked with artists like Madonna, Beyonce, Greenday, and the Black Eyed Peas.

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