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Top 3 reasons to select Madison Area Technical College are,

1. Madison College is a leader in 2 + 2 pathways for earning a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. The College is the largest source of students transferring into the University of Wisconsin System (including the highly ranked UW-Madison) and has partnerships with over 25 other colleges and universities that allow students to start a bachelor’s degree and save big money. International students who take the first two years of their bachelor’s degree at Madison College and then transfer to UW-Madison can save thousands of dollars in tuition over the two years.

2. Madison College offers more than 140 occupational training programs in almost every sector of workforce development. We have close relations with employers and the College’s post-graduation employment rate is 92%.

3. Madison College has support services designed for every student to achieve their academic goals. The College has a low student to faculty ratio of only 9:1, allowing students to receive personal help and individual attention, and numerous support services including ESL tutoring, a Writing Center, and other staff to help students achieve success.

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