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There are many compelling reasons for you to consider Manipal University Dubai (MUD):

1. Scholarships – Man grants merit based scholarships amounting to as much as AED 2 million. Presently it is offering four different types of scholarships. If you have excelled in academics or sports at school, you are guaranteed scholarships on your tuition fees.

2.Research – Manipal University places great value on research. Owing to its excellence in research it has been getting huge grants also. Manipal University has several partnerships with industry to boost innovation. It also has several research collaboration with foreign universities in the fields of engineering, medicine, communication and the culinary arts.

3.Outstanding careers – Manipal gives well rounded education to you ensuring that you are ready for the global dynamic world. More than 50 global companies recruit Manipal graduates. Being a part of a strong alumni network helps you in more ways than one.

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