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Like in any interview, there are a few things you must do and then there are some that you must not do. Most of them are related to one another. We have tabulated the same for your convenience:

Smile: There is no reason to look morose or serious. Going to USA for your Studies was your dream and you are closer to it…so please remember to smile Be Nervous: Your primary intent to travel to USA is to pursue your higher education and there is no reason to be nervous about it. Thousands of students from all around the world do that. While a little nervousness is natural, sweating or hyperventilating is not a good sign. If you tend to get too fidgety, try some breathing exercises before you start your Interview to calm your nerves
Speak in English: Being able to communicate in English is one of the primary requirements for your education in USA. You have to be able to speak in English  Speak English with a forced Accent: The Visa Officer can understand Indian Accents so do not try to put on an American Accent. Be clear, crisp and stay clear of forced accents
Look at the Interviewer: Not being able to make eye contact is considered a sign of dishonesty. Practice at home and do look at the interviewer when answering the questions Stare: Looking in the eye and constantly staring without blinking are two different things. Continuous staring can make the person uncomfortable – remember to blink
Carry your Documents: Always make sure the file you carry is complete with all the necessary documents and is properly catalogued. So, if you are asked to present a document, you do not waste time searching for it Offer your document unless asked: The Visa Officer, in all probability, will not ask for any documents. Please do not offer to show it to them (until and unless they specifically ask to see something)


Some more points:

1. First Impression

A visa interview does not start with the first question. It starts the moment you come face-to-face with a visa consular. These consuls are very experienced and you can be sure that they are assessing you from the moment you walk through their door.

2. Smile

Having a confident smile throughout an interview shows a positive outlook. It helps you connect with the other person and shows them that you’re confident and telling the truth. Smiling also helps ensure that the conversation goes smoothly.

3. Eye contact

Eye contact with the visa officer is extremely important. Looking down or to your side gives the consul the impression that you are not confident or nervous which is not a good sign. Maintaining eye contact with the consular shows them that you are truthful, positive and not nervous.

4. Posture

The right posture is a positive sign of confidence. Take a deep breath and stand up straight. Good posture communicates confidence and boldness.

5. Dress for success

Dressing well supports your image. It reflects that you have a positive outlook. Look professional. It indicates that you are a person that takes the interview seriously. Avoid makeup. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Avoid strong smelling perfume. Wear your spectacles if it is in your photographs.

6. Clear communication

Communication is inevitably a key element in the interview. Effective communication projects a positive image and boosts your chances. So it is very important to communicate clearly and precisely. Avoid using filler words such as ‘Like’, ‘Um’, or ‘I guess’ in sentences. Pay extreme attention to the questions asked by the consular and answer slowly and appropriately. As this is such a decisive factor in whether you get your visa or not, you should practice in front of a mirror before the interview.

7. Don’t let fear control you

A little nervousness is quite normal. The pressure to do well in the interview can lead to anxiety, but don’t let it ruin your visa interview. Remember to relax and just be yourself. Don’t let fear of the impending interview make you over-think everything you know and face the consuls in a state of nervous anxiety. This can be overcome through intense preparation.


Document Checklist

Here is a list of guidelines to follow for your US F1 student visa:

1. Finalize your university for Visa application: You need to finalize the university, as every document you need to prepare for Visa application depends on the university you get into.

2. Get your Education loan: Let us know if you need our help in getting education loan.

3.Get your Finance Reports Prepared: Get a certified valuation report from a qualified CA for all your assets. That would simplify the financial documents that you would submit to the visa interview officer. We can help you get these reports prepared for a fee of just Rs 5,000. Revert to this email if you need our help.

4. Complete DS 160: You need to complete the DS 160 Visa application form without any mistakes to avoid having your visa rejected. Please find the link for the form

5. Pay Visa Fee: As soon as the DS 160 is completed, you need to pay the Visa fee. Here is the link for payment. We recommend that you pay by cash at CITI Bank or AXIS Bank.

6.Schedule your Visa interview: You should schedule your appointment to the consulate at least 120 days prior to the joining date at your university. For appointment booking, click here.

7.Pay Sevis Fee: You need to pay $200 as Sevis Fee, 72 hours prior to the Visa Interview. The payment is done here.

8. Get Ready with the checklist of documents required: Following are the documents that you need to carry:

  • Passport
  • DS-160 confirmation
  • Visa appointment confirmation
  • Sevis fee payment receipt
  • Visa fee payment receipt
  • I-20
  • Mark Sheets
  • Financial documents – Bank Loan letter, Bank Statement of 1 year transaction, DEMAT Account statement, Fixed Deposit statement, Provident Fund statement, Passbook, Pay slips, Parents’ income tax papers
  • Work Experience -Offer Letter, Relieving Letter
  • CA and Valuation Reports

9. Mock Visa Interview: You may want to join our weekly free mock visa interview sessions on Saturday between 10 am to 11 am. Email us at to book your seat.


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