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Imagine “WhatsApp” with expert counselors to answer your questions, thousands of students like you to chat with, 100+ guides on every topic and information about 1000+ universities. That’s Admission Table!


Search for universities based on GRE score, tuition fee and countries. For example, you can search for US universities based on majors, acceptance rate and ROI. You can also search for universities from Germany and Australia.

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Tell me about higher education opportunities in Catalonia

Catalonia offers university students a prestigious, quality higher education system, with over seven centuries of history and tradition. The system comprises twelve universities —seven public universities, a distance-learning university and four private universities — that serve almost 240,000 students and offer over 500 qualifications. Along with the degree courses, they provide a series of services, …


Our students with successful admits!

Supreeth Akki

MBA, Munich Business School
“Counselors helped me at every step of the application procedure, including shortlisting, essays, scholarship and visa”

Ankit Shah

MS, Carnegie Mellon University
Helped me understand my career goals and continually refined my shortlist, thereby perfectly catering to my needs!”
GPA 8.6, GRE 318, @NIT Surathkal

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