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Selecting right business school

Importance of business school ranking
Fit between what you want and what business schools offer
Location – job options, companies / research institutions in the region
Alumni, Quality of faculty and industry collaboration
Considering climate, tuition, campus life
Which country to choose?

Are MBA rankings important?

Most experts are of the opinion that Business School rankings are important. After all top B-schools do turn out graduates who are the most sought-after in terms of opportunities and consequently pay cheques. With the MBA degree still considered the… Continue Reading →

Finding the Right MBA

Finding the right MBA is not just about going by rankings of business schools or choosing “prestigious” schools. The key to make the right choice depends on understanding why you want an MBA and what you expect it to do… Continue Reading →

Selecting the right college: Most common questions answered

What are some advantages of going to a small college? The class sizes are undoubtedly smaller, which makes for a much better learning environment, in my opinion. I’ve had the chance to be in touch with several professors, even still. … Continue Reading →

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