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Admission Table continually refined my shortlist to cater my needs, pushed my thinking on how I presented myself in entirety to the Admissions Committee, and how I could get support of students and professors at schools that I applied.

Ankit Shah

Carnegie Mellon University (MS in CS)

Admission Table was so much more efficient than all those expensive counseling services my friends used. It helped me at every step, and they made the university shortlisting, essays and visa so much less painful. I owe them my admit!

Supreeth Akki

Munich Business School (MBA)

Selecting the right university is the single-most important factor for the success of your academic and career goals overseas. Thanks to the personalized and timely guidance from Admission Table, I got admitted to my dream university.

Paahuni Khandelwal

University of Texas, Dallas (MS - CS)

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PhD – UCLA, Career Advisor

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Counselor – Sweden & Germany

Kani L
Counselor – Canada & the US

Vinamra S

Published Author, Essay Editor

Praveen Tiwari
NIT A, Tech Wizard

Sudhakar Yeddula
Counselor – UK

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