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Since 1782, students have come to this Maryland campus at pivotal moments in their lives, seeking not only an education, but also an experience like no other. Offering rigorous coursework in the liberal arts, we invite you to engage in “all hands on learning.” As the first college chartered in the newly independent United States, we are still defined by our close connection to America’s founding era, along with an appreciation for our beautiful Chesapeake Bay environment and a culture that fosters good writing. About 1,450 undergraduates from 33 states and 22 nations share our 112-acre campus. A 12-to-1 ratio of students to faculty encourages conversation in and out of class. Beyond academics, there are countless ways to define yourself, develop your interests, and connect with others: more than 82 clubs, 17 varsity sports, a half-dozen intramurals, and a packed schedule of student-organized events.
Situated in Chestertown, one of the most lovingly preserved colonial towns in America, the Washington College campus features beautiful grounds with brick walkways, lush landscaping, and impressive historic buildings.Our rural 120-acre campus is about 90 minutes from Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

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