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One of the five best music programs in the country. One of the top five game-degree programs in the world. One of the top ten mew-media schools. One of the three best music business departments. One of the top five film schools in the country. We believe that dull environments produce dull ideas. So whether you’re working, studying, or just relaxing on campus, we’ve strived to create inspiring spaces designed to nurture your creative spark. Our production environments are on par with the best in the world, and this is where you’ll develop your skills and give your dreams life. Our teachers are veterans of the industry and often still work on professional projects as they teach, bringing to the classroom a wealth of techniques and tips learned from years of creating movies, music, games, and more. Hearing from the people at the heart of today’s entertainment industry can be not only inspirational, but it can also provide students with valuable information that can supplement their education. Whether it’s successful grads returning to campus to enlighten the next generation, or legends in the field imparting their wisdom, guest speakers play a vital role in the educational process at Full Sail.

Our philosophy is to give you a complete education that brings together hands-on experience, traditional classroom work, and industry-specific career development throughout your education; that unique combination will allow you to gain the knowledge and tools you’ll need to succeed in this industry. Our Career Development department is a key part of that philosophy. This dedicated team of people can help you reach that important goal – a real career doing what you love to do – by helping you establish the skills you’ll need for a successful future. In just the last three years, Full Sail graduates have been hired at more than 3,000 companies, including these high-profile examples on the right.

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