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Graduate programs at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) focus on new horizons, confront students with different views and perspectives, and entice them to follow paths beyond what they can see. Education is not an event or an experience but a lifelong journey in which the traveler never reaches the end of the road. A graduate program is more than just the means to earning a professional degree.

Graduate programs at WTAMU open new paths students can follow to achieve their goals. They move students forward to their next destination and help them answer the question “how can I make a difference?” Degrees from WTAMU are more than pieces of paper. They chronicle graduates’ perseverance, dedication, and accomplishments. They are passports to new worlds. Why WTAMU? Because WTAMU helps students get where they want to go.

The campus of West Texas A&M University lies in the northeast corner of the town of Canyon, Texas, approximately fifteen miles south of Amarillo. Here, students discover small-town America complete with hospitable people, historic homes and a shop-lined town square. The newly completed pedestrian mall with marble sculpture and fountain makes the view even more scenic.

The Panhandle of Texas is known for its open spaces, big skies, and expansive vistas. Horse centers and ranches are in close proximity to the University. Despite the vast, open plains that cover the region, trees and foliage are in abundance here at West Texas A&M. Many students and community members find the 176-acre campus the perfect place to take a stroll, have a leisurely picnic or walk the family dog.

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