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Undergraduate, Graduate and Online programs are offered in the following disciplines,

• Business Administration
• Christian Care-giving and Counseling
• Church Ministries
• Leadership Studies
• Liberal Studies
• Resident Nurse to Bachelor or Science in Nursing Completion
• Biblical Literature (Concentration in New Testament or English Bible)
• Government
• Communication

Online Programs: ORU’s OneCampus Global Education Network provides every global citizen access to fully accredited bachelors and master’s degree, which leverage the whole person curriculum design. OneCampus™ allows ORU to expand its offering to the uttermost bounds of the earth as ‘One Global Campus’; while allowing students to feel they are engaged with the ORU Tulsa, OK Campus. Innovatively digitizing educational content and delivery models, now give every global citizen the access to be educated with ORU’s award winning, and fully accredited whole person education.
Oral Roberts University has an online degree for students looking for a bachelor of science in Christian ministries. Students who are looking for ways to become a local church community leader to help their congregation will find what they need at Oral Roberts. The program is designed for students who need flexible hours and still want to pursue their studies in Christian ministry. Oral Roberts University emphasizes biblical studies and theology in their degree training. Students can take courses online for the most part but also take courses on campus as needed.

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