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Top 3 reasons to choose this college are,

1. Ranking: St Mike’s is an academically-inclined institution that values social justice. Newsweek magazine called Saint Michael’s College a “hidden treasure” that “deserves more national recognition.” US News and World Report ranks us as a Tier 1 Liberal Arts College. We were also ranked 11th in the Happiness of Students and 12th in Quality of Life by The Princeton Review. Opportunities abound for academic enrichment, including a robust honors program, independent research, internships, a Phi-Beta-Kappa chapter, and study abroad. Students may also participate in clubs and activities including athletics, journalism, music, dance, theatre, leadership, culture, politics, and many more. Students who do well at Saint Michael’s typically have two or more of the following traits: Bright students who may or may not be at the very top of the class, Well-rounded with a variety of interests, Want to live in a beautiful environment, Enjoy the out-of-doors, and Have participated in volunteer work or otherwise demonstrated a commitment to social justice.

2. Strong Majors: St Mike’s offers over 35 undergraduate subjects including Business, Psychology, STEM fields such as Neuroscience, Biology, and Chemistry, Economics, Journalism, Pharmacy, Pre-Med, and Pre-Law. Opportunities abound for academic enrichment, including a Phi-Beta Kappa-Chapter, an honors society, independent research, internships, and study abroad. The average class size is 16. Students needing to improve their English may apply for conditional admittance and enter Saint Michael’s 1+3 Pathway Program. Most will complete their degree in 4-years—which is the same amount of time it takes for native English speakers to complete their undergraduate degree.

3. Scholarships OR Internships: We believe in offering scholarships to deserving international students. About 90 percent of our students receive some kind of financial aid, and all international students are eligible for a scholarship. To apply for a scholarship, simply indicate your desire on the application. Awards range from $1,000 to about half the tuition amount and are renewed each year. Merit awards are primarily based on academic potential, but other factors may also be considered. Internships and Work Experience All undergraduate students can receive valuable work experience as well as academic credit and financial compensation in the field of their choice while studying at Saint Michael’s College or
Saint Michael’s College: a university in Vermont, USA immediately afterwards. International students on F-1 visas are also eligible for this opportunity. The Career Services Office at Saint Michael’s College is expert in finding the right work placement for every student.

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